What Is An Impact Assessment

IIX’s impact assessment (IA) enables Impact Enterprises (IEs) to understand the social and environmental impact they create, while establishing a transparent and reliable tool to measure that impact. This well-received service offering by IIX has been utilized by IEs throughout Asia and is highly valued by investors and donors.

IIX employs its own analytical framework for measuring the impact of IEs, using a bottom-up approach that is tailored to the organization and its mission. Organizations receive an impact framework which delineates the various impacts they create. These frameworks are accompanied by key metrics for measuring the extent and the depth of that impact and the data collection plans and tools necessary to collect that information on an ongoing basis. Through the IA, IIX empowers IEs to continue to measure social and environmental outcomes of their busineses. IIX’s analytical framework incorporates industry accepted tools, such as the Social Return on Investment (SROI) calculation and IRIS indicators.

A unique multifaceted approach to impact assessment