IIX’s Assistance for Capacity-building and Technical Services (ACTS) is an award-winning program that purposefully aids Impact Enterprises (IEs) to secure investment, so they can grow their business and magnify their impact in impoverished communities. Often times, IEs are ill-prepared for the capital raising process because they lack connections to investors or cannot afford the professional support.

The ACTS program pairs IEs with an experienced technical assistance partner (TAP), who prepares the documents that investors require and facilitates introductions to investors. Through the ACTS program, IEs receive an interest-free advance to cover the associated service fee. When IEs succeed in raising capital, they reimburse the program. IIX believes the revolving structure of ACTS encourages IEs to ‘think like businesses,’ reinforcing their unique position as both sustainable and scalable vehicles to improve the lives of the poor.

Prioritizing the most pressing needs in Asia, the ACTS program targets IEs in the sectors of agriculture, health, education, energy and water & sanitation. The program also actively supports women-focused businesses. By offering a program to overcome the growth constraints impactful IEs face, IIX will continue to unlock impact investment and expand the social and environmental results IEs have.

Serving IEs as clients, IIX ACTS provides a revolving facility to finance:

  • 90 percent of the costs of professional investment readiness services, of which only three-fourths are repaid by the IE once capital has been raised
  • 100 percent of the cost of IIX Impact Assessment (IA)