For Technical Assistance Providers

IIX ACTS partners with Technical Assistance Providers (TAPs) to deliver high quality, specialized support to Impact Enterprises (IEs) that have a high probability of raising capital for expansion. By providing a combination of subsidies and reimbursable advances to pay for the costs of skilled technical assistance, ACTS is designed to bridge the costs for Impact Enterprises to become investment-ready.

IIX ACTS provides support for IEs to receive specialized technical assistance in the following five areas, depending on the needs of the IE:

  1. A clearly articulated business plan
  2. A robust financial model
  3. A rigorous social impact assessment (provided by IIX Foundation, formerly known Shujog)
  4. A proposed set of terms for the investment
  5. A persuasive investor presentation

The social impact assessment is delivered by IIX’s in-house team; the other four elements are provided by the TAP.

IIX ACTS Process


TAP reviews the IE to check it meets the ACTS criteria. TAP then works with IE to understand needs and develop a work plan, deliverables and pricing


TAP submits application

IIX reviews application and confirms participation

Once scope is agreed by all 3 parties, ACTS issues 15% subsidy to TAP and IE pays 10% of total costs to TAP


IE receives support for 6-12 weeks

Once deliverables are completed, ACTS issues reimbursable advance to TAP for remaining 75%

IE signs a promissory note to TAP for 75% (payable on capital raise)


When the IE succeeds in raising capital, it pays the TAP for the support received, and the TAP in turn repays the funds to ACTS

If no capital is raised within 12 months, the IE ceases to be liable for the payment

IIX ACTS is looking for partner organizations with expertise in providing investment readiness support to impact enterprises. The eligibility criteria for partner TA providers (TAPs) are as follows:


  • Proven track record of delivering similar investment readiness support to SMEs or IEs in the Asia Pacific region (able to provide case studies of at least three relevant successful projects)
  • Commitment to the values and objectives of the ACTS program
  • Able to deliver the basic TA package for US$15k or less (including travel expenses)


  • Existing relationship/network with capital raising platforms and impact funds in the region
  • Significant experience with women focused IEs
  • Based in the Asia Pacific region

Please contact us at to learn more about partnering with ACTS.


This page provides links to a range of case studies, templates and other resources that we are developing through the course of the ACTS program. The aim is to share the lessons that we are learning with TA providers around the region.

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