How It Works

IIX ACTS provides a combination of subsidies and reimbursable advances to help Impact Enterprises (IEs) access specialist support to prepare for investment. See below for further details on how the program works and how to get our support.


IIX ACTS: A Structured Pathway to Growth (1 year)

What Support Does ACTS Provide
ACTS provides support for impact enterprises to receive technical assistance in some or all of the following areas:

  1. A compelling business plan
  2. A robust financial model
  3. A rigorous IIX impact assessment
  4. A proposed set of terms for the investment
  5. A persuasive investor presentation
How Is The Support Delivered


The IIX impact assessment (IA) is delivered by IIX’s specialist team and is fully subsidized for all participating impact enterprises (IEs). Click here to read more on the IIX IA.

The other four elements of support (business plan, financial model, draft terms and investor presentation) are delivered by a registered and vetted technical assistance partner (TAP) – an experienced service provider working in partnership with IIX ACTS.

IIX ACTS works with a range of TAPs, each of which has the relevant experience needed to support IEs to secure investments. Before applying to ACTS, you will have the opportunity to engage and select the TAP that offers the service most suited to your needs. This TAP will then work with you to confirm that you meet the ACTS criteria, clarify your exact needs and submit an application for ACTS funding.

Funding Mechanism

ACTS is a donor-backed fund, currently supported by USAID, the Rockefeller Foundation, the JPMorgan Chase Foundation and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The aim of ACTS is to provide funding to enable impact enterprises (IEs) to access specific technical support that they would otherwise struggle to pay for. ACTS provides a combination of subsidies and up-front reimbursable advances to meet this goal.

As a participating IE you receive up to US $15,000 worth of support – for which you contribute around 10 percent upfront and around 75 percent when you succeed in raising capital. The money that is repaid to ACTS will then be recycled to support further IEs. The remaining 15 percent is a subsidy provided to you by ACTS.

In case you fail to raise capital within 12 months, you are no longer required to pay the outstanding 75 percent. For this reason, the IIX ACTS team and technical assistance partners will only support IEs that have a strong likelihood of raising capital (scroll down for the eligibility criteria).

ACTS Support For Impact Enterprises

Maximum value of support to each IE: US $15,000, of which:

  • IE upfront payment: US $1,500
  • IE repayment around successful capital raise:
    US $11,250
  • ACTS subsidy: US $2,250
  • A fully-subsidised IIX impact assessment
Application Process


If you wish to receive support as a impact enterprise (IE), you can apply to ACTS in partnership with a registered technical assistance partner (TAP):

  1. The TAP will review your documentation and speak with your management team to understand if your business meets ACTS eligibility criteria
  2. Together with the TAP you will identify needs and develop a proposed scope and pricing for the support required
  3. The TAP will submit your application to ACTS
  4. The IIX team will review the application and confirms acceptance into the program

Once accepted into ACTS, the TAP will work with you to prepare for capital raise. This process will take approximately three months of part-time support. Once the technical assistance is completed, you have 12 months to secure investment.

Eligibility Criteria

The purpose of the ACTS program is to support more impact enterprises (IEs) to raise capital and scale up their impact. ACTS has a particular focus on enterprises that are run by or for women. As such, you must meet the following eligibility criteria to qualify for ACTS support:

General Criteria:

  • Proof of concept: there must be a credible proof of concept; idea/ pilot stage IEs are not eligible
  • Capital raise: priority will be given to IEs seeking US $100k – US $1.5 million
  • Legal structure: either non-profit or for-profit impact enterprises will be considered
  • Sector: the IE should be working in one or more of the following sectors: agriculture, education, energy, health water and sanitation or the environment.
  • Women focus: priority for businesses that are owned by and/or run for women*
  • Location: Asia Pacific region

Business Criteria:

  • Financial viability: either achieved break-even already or credible evidence of clear trajectory toward break-even
  • Mission: clearly articulated social and/or environmental mission that includes a focus on helping the poor, disadvantaged or marginalized segment of society
  • Operational feasibility: business model that is scalable with investment
  • Management team capacity: management team has relevant skills and experience to inspire confidence in potential investors

Investment Readiness Minimum Criteria:

  • Business plan: Basic business plan written, but may be missing some sections or lack sufficient detail
  • Financial model: Basic figures exist showing historical data plus simple forecasts
  • Social impact assessment: Clear social mission with key outcomes identified and some evidence of impact

* Businesses that do not have an explicit focus on women will also be eligible for ACTS, but priority will be given to those with a women focus.

IIX ACTS process