IIX Resources

Click here to download The Social Entrepreneur’s Guide to a Term-Sheet Financing Options

Web-Based Resources

Business Plan

Developing a Impact Enterprise Business Plan: click here
Social Business Plan Template: click here
Impact Enterprise Business Planning: click here

Financial Model

Operational Models for Impact Enterprises: click here
Financial Strategy for Impact Enterprises Framework: click here
Social Investment Manual: click here

Legal Guidance

A Legal Handbook for Impact Enterprises: click here

Investor Presentation

Impact Enterprise Elevator Pitch: click here
11 Tips When Pitching Your Impact Enterprise: click here
How To Create a Pitch Deck for Investors: click here
Start-up Investment Raise Toolkit: Investor Pitch Presentation: click here
Planning and Presenting the Business Proposal: click here

Other Resources

Impact Enterprise Business Models: click here
The Impact Economy: The Insider’s Guide to Finding Meaningful Work and Attracting Top Talent: click here
Raising Money for Sustainable Enterprises: click here
Starting a Sustainable Enterprise in Singapore: click here