Program Results

Rubiyanto is one of the thousands of farmers producing coconut palm sugar in the Yogyakarta region of Indonesia. Despite his hard work, he could hardly afford basic necessities. Rubiyanto and his family of four lived in a bamboo hut. During harsh weather his home provided minimal solace from the elements. Lastiana Yuliandari, a native Indonesian from Yogyakarta, decided to help farmers like Rubiyanto by creating a impact enterprise – Aliet Green (AG) – that connects local farmers to the international market. AG processes, packages and exports coconut palm sugar while training 300 local farmers to become organic-certified, thereby increasing the price they can command in the domestic and foreign market. With support from IIX ACTS, AG has raised impact investment to expand its production capacity and broaden its partnership with local farmers. Today, as a result of his employment with AG, Rubiyanto’s life is better. He can afford to feed his family nutritious food, has a motorbike for transport, and now lives in a concrete home of his own. In addition, he also works as a field staff member for AG. This work enables him to build confidence, improve communication skills and feel closer to the community.

Our Impact in Numbers

In its first 20 months of operations, IIX ACTS has supported 15 impact enterprises (IEs), providing them with technical assistance to attract impact investment and to measure their social/environmental impact. These IEs are currently impacting 158,290 lives through increased income opportunities, improved health, and better security. When these IEs raise capital and scale their operations, they will improve the lives of an additional 532,606 individuals.

Already the ACTS model of technical assistance has proven successful. Within weeks of graduating from ACTS, three IEs are in the process of closing investment deals. In total, they are expected to raise over US $750,000.

As these IEs reimburse the ACTS program for a portion of the interest-free advance, IIX will recycle the funding to support additional IEs. This approach of ‘paying it forward’ facilitates the inclusion of up to 30 percent more IEs in the ACTS program.

Our Goal

From 2013-2018, the ACTS program aims to support 100 IEs to:

  • Grow their operations by
    • Raising over US $30 million in aggregate impact investment to
      • Improve the lives of 120,000 people from disadvantaged communities throughout Asia