Emerging Markets Consulting (EMC)



Since EMC’s establishment in Cambodia over a decade ago, we have undertaken over 300 consulting projects for private sector and development sector clients across ASEAN, including in Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. Today our business comprises offices in Cambodia, Myanmar, Lao PDR and Singapore, and we employ around 40 full-time consulting staff.

EMC combines international business consulting experience with local market knowledge. EMC’s team of consultants is drawn from some of the world’s leading international advisory firms, academic institutions, and top-tier local firms. EMC has significant experience in advising top private sector businesses across a range of sectors including financial services, agribusiness, trade, water and sanitation, and manufacturing. In addition, EMC also consults for top international development organizations such as the World Bank, ADB, JICA, IFC, USAID, and others.

In 2009, our sister investment company, Emerging Markets Investing (EMI), was established to invest in high growth and transparently managed companies in Cambodia and Lao PDR. The investors in the Cambodia Laos Development Fund that EMI manages include the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Norfund, Sifem, and Finfund, and their portfolio companies span a range of sectors including agriculture, food and beverage, IT, and microfinance.

In 2011, EMC established Emerging Markets Entrepreneurs (EME), a business incubator/accelerator based in Cambodia. Since EME’s founding, the team has helped top Cambodia-based entrepreneurs accelerate business growth and has helped raise over $1 million in investment for incubatee companies.

Key Technical Assistance Services

  • Market and Competitive Analysis
    • Market entry analysis
    • Consumer analysis
    • Competitive analysis
    • Regulatory and business enabling environment analysis


  • Business strategy development:
    • Market segmentation, analysis, and market strategy development
    • Human resources analysis and strategy development
    • Cost and pricing analysis
    • Financial projections, analysis and optimization
    • 3-5 year strategy development and benchmarking


  • Access to finance: strategy development to identify and secure the most advantageous type of financing.

  • Capital raising:
    • Financial modeling
    • Investment prospectus development
    • Support in fielding investor inquiries
    • Analysis and advisory on deal terms

Technical Assistance Track Record

Since our founding in 2004, EMC has undertaken over 300 projects in market analysis and strategy development for top private sector and development clients in Cambodia. Over 75% of our clients have re-hired EMC for subsequent work.

Our investment and access to finance support services have helped our clients to raise millions in debt and equity financing, with deal size ranging from small (debt financing of $100k+) to large (combined equity and debt
financing over $10 million), depending on our clients and their needs.

Case Study:

EME has provided hand-on assistance to top social entrepreneurs in Cambodia, including 17 Triggers, founded in Cambodia in 2010 based on the principle that, “if marketing could be used to sell beer and cigarettes, it could also be used to help people live healthier, happier lives.” 17 Triggers is a behavior change lab for development. EME supported 17 Triggers in a number of ways:

  • Strategic growth planning;
  • Financial analysis including cash flow analysis;
  • Organizational growth planning and implementation;
  • Fundraising advisory and support developing fundraising materials;

During EME’s work with 17 Triggers, the company tripled in annual revenue, and was able to identify and secure funding to support their growth.

The coaching we receive from EME has been instrumental at so many levels. On the strategy side, the coaching has helped us define our expansion strategy and plan and understand the risks we should be prepared for. On the financing side, EME is helping us prepare for our 1st round of financing which we expect to close by the end of this year. And even on day-to day operations, we get practical advice to help us think through options to challenges and make better informed decisions. Just last week, an EME mentor came to our office to help our accountant solve a problem on accrual-based accounting. It always feels like we have a coach and a cheerleader by our side.”
– Lillian Diaz, CEO, 17 Triggers

For further information, please visit: http://www.emergingmarkets.asia